We are SAGARIKA MUSIC. WE are proud of the fact that our Artists regard us as FRIENDS. Our artists proudly call themselves SAGARIKA ARTISTS. This is what we have achieved in the last 20 years.

Apart from that we have produced and marketed over 10000 Music Tracks, Videos, Animation Shorts in various Genres of Music and Various Indian Languages.

Mission Statement

At Sagarika we respect and value art and artists. We believe in giving back to our community and we do that by trying to enrich our world with new talent in music, dance and other performing arts. In this journey we undertake to help talented individuals achieve their artistic dreams by contributing to their learning process financially, by offering them the platform of our label to showcase their talent, by guiding them and helping them shape their careers.

We do not consider any sort of boundaries in this endeavour. The artist we help may be from any country, perform any genre of music in any language as long as he / she fits our criteria.

In case you wish you join our endeavour to help talented individuals who do not have the means to fund their artistic education or produce their music, please write to us at sagarika@sagarika.in.