Sagarika Das (CEO) Sagarika Music is responsible for creating , producing and marketing over 10000 tracks released by the brand over the last 25 years. She has intensive experience and knowledge in the areas of Music creation, digital marketing, music video production, film production ,live concerts , artist management, licensing and various other aspects of the Music and Film Industry in India.
Over the years she has created and marketed over 4000 tracks, directed Music videos and Televised Concerts for major satellite channels in India. She is very well networked in the Indian Entertainment Industry and has production tie up facilities in USA and UK.
Email : for consultancy on Production of Music or Film project .

She has also launched and managed the careers of a large number of artists who are stars in the Music Industry as of date. She has published articles on Careers in Music and also given talks on the same.

Sagarika shares her experience with young aspiring artists who want to enter and make a career in the Indian Music and Film Industry . She offers career guidance and advise to such youngsters and guides them through their journey of finding their creative expressions and most importantly advises them on how to structure their career.

Email : for consultancy on Career In Music /Film Industry OR Booking for Workshops /Talks .