Sagarika stepped into the music industry at the age of 18 when she started assisting her father who ran one of the largest CD manufacturing plants in the country at that time. These few years of her life gave her the grounding and experience that helped her build a foundation for her future work in the music business.

Since then Sagarika has been involved in Music Production, Publishing and Distribution, Film and Television Content Production, Live Concert Production, Artist and Celebrity Management, Music and Movie Merchandise Retail among other things.

Work in Music

Has lead the Sagarika label for 20 years developing and marketed over 10000 tracks in various Indian languages and genres. Has conceived and directed concerts both live and televised which have attracted audiences of thousands .

As a producer, Sagarika has produced over a 100 music videos, TV shows and web content. As a director Sagarika has directed over 50 music videos in Indi Pop and Marathi. The more popular ones include “Halu Halu Chaal“, “Ghotala Song“, “Ramanna“, “Mast Challay Amcha“, “Radha Radha” and many more. Her Music videos have a combined hit of over 4 million views on YouTube. She has also written and directed over 15 short animation films for children.

Sagarika has launched and strategised the careers of many artists launched through her label. Sagarika has also worked as a cinematographer in her Music videos such as Ramanna, Vahanare Sur Saare , Mast Challay Amcha and such others. Sagarika had published articles on music in major dailies and is an occasional blogger.